Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
World | By Melba Underwood

Beyonce Celebrates International Day Of The Girl With 'Freedom' Visual

Beyonce Celebrates International Day Of The Girl With 'Freedom' Visual

Beyoncé released a new music video for "Freedom" yesterday for a very good reason-October 11 was the International Day of the Girl.

The International Day of the Girl Child, celebrated every year on October 11, is a UN-declared international observance day to support greater opportunities for girls and awareness of the gender discrimination they endure worldwide. The highest rates of child marriage occur in West and Central Africa, where 1.7 million illegal child marriages happen each year.

"Laws banning the practice are an important first step". Prosperity and nutrition are improving, child marriage and teenage pregnancy are declining, and female educational attainment and participation in the labour force are on the rise.

"We need to change attitudes in communities so that we can end this harmful practice once and for all".

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Child brides in particular face increased rates of domestic and sexual violence. Parents may marry girls off so they have one less mouth to feed and in Africa will receive a "bride price" for the girl.

Signature campaign, Speak out sessions in the community and colleges and experts talk on issues affecting girl child on Doordarshan local channel also featured to mark the day in Kohima. Girls, boys, men and women all have an important role to play in building a society that empowers every member to reach their full potential, " the joint statement said.

"The longer a girl stays in education, the more likely it is that she grows up healthy, secures a livelihood and has healthy and educated children of her own". But look carefully, they are telling a story; the story which is shared mutually by millions of girl around the world.

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