Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
World | By Melba Underwood

Day After Visiting Maze, Mom Realizes 3-Year-Old Is Lost

Day After Visiting Maze, Mom Realizes 3-Year-Old Is Lost

Joe Monson said someone noticed a little boy alone in the maze Monday night and brought the boy to the attention of the Crazy Corn Maze staff.

His mother called the police on Tuesday around 8 a.m. and then came to the police station to pick up the boy.

Staffers called on a bullhorn and even walked through the maze searching for his family but couldn't find anyone. The boy was finally turned over to the Department of Child and Family Services when no one claimed him.

His mother ended up calling police on Tuesday morning.

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"It became evident that they were not in the maze, so we just kept waiting and hoping that the parents would realize that they left the child", Schmidt said.

Then, Schmidt said, an off-duty West Jordan police officer who was working at the maze took the boy to her patrol vehicle, gave him a teddy bear and put "Finding Dory" on her laptop for him to watch.

The Utah boy has now been reunited with his family after getting separated from a big group of people and getting lost Monday, KUTV of Salt Lake City is reporting.

No citations or charges have been filed as of yet, according WJPD Sgt. Monson, but the case is still being investigated. What where the circumstances? "These are all questions [investigators] want to ask". Nor did they notice his absence at bedtime, or overnight.

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