Published: Mon, October 09, 2017
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Dove issues statement on racist ad posted to Facebook

Dove issues statement on racist ad posted to Facebook

The ad has since been deleted.

The first two pictured a black woman in the process of removing a brown shirt from her body.

The final image in the three-photo ad series depicts the white woman peeling off her t-shirt to reveal an Asian woman underneath.

Dove, a skincare brand, released an apology via Twitter and Facebook for an ad that sparked controversy for being racist.

Dove has apologized for "missing the mark", but how did this happen, the internet wonders, that at least an art director, a marketing director, a photographer, and a social media manager passed this around and thought, "okay"?

And to put a comedic spin on it all, a man filmed himself copying the popular trend of throwing things down the toilet and emptied a Dove bottle down the drain. "We deeply regret the offence it caused", Dove wrote following the removal of the ad.

Makeup artist Naythemua said the campaign was "tone deaf" and indicative of the messaging black people in the US receive about the color of their skin the Independent is reporting.

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"What exactly were yall going for?"

"This is gross. You think people of color can just wash away their melanin and become white?"Another Facebook user, Angela Reinders, commented".

Mary Braden, of Baltimore, Maryland, wrote, "That's not missing the mark, that's ensuring that I will never buy another Dove product and I will encourage every one I know to join me".

Dove's personal care line, which includes soap, body wash, shampoo and other toiletries, has used the slogan "real beauty" since 2004.

Dove has since removed the ad and tweeted an apology.

Dove said in a statement to Gawker, "All three women are meant to demonstrate the "after" product benefit".

On Sunday, The Guardian published another statement from Dove regarding the controversy over its latest ad. "We do not condone any activity or imagery that intentionally insults any audience", the statement read.

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