Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Sports | By Spencer Underwood

Ezekiel Elliott's Six Game Suspension Is Reinstated

Ezekiel Elliott's Six Game Suspension Is Reinstated

The Associated Press is reporting that a federal appeals court has cleared the way for the NFL's six-game suspension of Dallas Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott in a domestic case.

A three-judge panel heard arguments on the case on October 2.

Elliott, whose struggles on the field have contributed to Dallas's rocky 2-3 start to the season, received the suspension, which is the baseline punishment for a first-time domestic violence offender, after a yearlong investigation into allegations made against Elliott in July 2016.

As of last Friday, there had been no settlement discussions between the NFL and Elliott's representatives, according to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero.

A federal appeals court made a ruling today. essentially throwing out a lower court's ruling that allowed Zeke to play.

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The appeals court ruled that Elliott and the NFLPA had not exhausted all available options when it asked for the preliminary injunction in a Texas court before the league ruled on Elliott's suspension. Before Henderson reached a decision - but after he heard the appeal - the NFLPA, expecting the worst, filed a lawsuit against the league in a federal court in Texas.

What does this mean for Elliott?

The 5th Circuit ruled 2-to-1 in favor of the National Football League declaring that the district court "did not have subject matter jurisdiction in the Elliott case". In that scenario, you're thrown back to square one and the only place this could be heard now is in the southern district of NY, which is the court that Zeke and Elliott's people definitely wanted to avoid.

Elliott's lawyers point to appeals hearing testimony from Roberts that notes her lack of support for a suspension because she questioned Thompson's credibility. The initial decision from Mazzant challenged Goodell's authority, and the outcome of this case could have a sweeping impact on player discipline in the future.

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