Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

Fraudulent ad-blocking extension tricks 37000 Google Chrome users

Fraudulent ad-blocking extension tricks 37000 Google Chrome users

SwiftOnSecurity also mentioned the fake extension is the handiwork of a developer who specializes in clones of 'popular name and spams keywords.' What is also intriguing is that the fake extension could made it through the standard Google verifications and still get listed at the Chrome Store alongside the original.

That's because some 37,000 Google Chrome users have installed a fake version of the browser software.

However, those users who were tricked into downloading the fraudulent version of the web browser should immediately uninstall it.

"We've been following this story carefully, and were pleased to see how quickly the false extension was kicked out", said Ben Williams, communications and operations manager at Adblock Plus, in a post addressing the false extension.

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Situations like this happen because the process of uploading extensions on the Chrome Web Store is automated and Google employees only intervene when the extension is reported. Also, for AdBlock Plus, this is not the first time a fake extension has tried to copy it, notes Neowin.

Google has removed a malicious extension from its Chrome Web Store that posed as the popular AdBlock Plus ad blocker but forcibly opened new tabs to show ads to users. After doing so, Google claimed that it saw a 75 percent drop in the amount of support requests for removing unwanted extensions - for Windows users, at least. "Now it seems Google has kicked out the phony app". While live, it was downloaded 37,000 times, but it remains unknown if it was malicious or if it compromised any type of user data.

Hallelujah. Starting in January 2018, Chrome is going to save us from autoplay videos. However, this capability will come to Chrome somewhere in January next year.

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