Published: Tue, October 10, 2017
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PETER LUCAS: Christopher Columbus has a few bones to pick himself

PETER LUCAS: Christopher Columbus has a few bones to pick himself

"The statue is really not about Columbus; it's about the Italian-American heritage, and I think that deserves to be celebrated", Cuomo told reporters at the West Indian Day Parade.

"The conversation is Columbus", he said.

The 73rd annual Columbus Day parade will make its way up Fifth Avenue in Manhattan Monday, but activists say they plan to interrupt the parade with a demonstration, saying Columbus does not deserve the honor.

King said he also was comfortable with the establishment of Native American Day in Tulsa.

President Donald Trump in a traditional holiday declaration diverged from former President Barack Obama's declarations by not mention any of Columbus' ills. In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed Columbus Day a federal holiday after intense lobbying by a Catholic service organization consisting largely of Italian Americans, the Los Angeles Times reported. "This official designation is merely one way we as a state can come together, and acknowledge and celebrate the monumental contributions made by First Peoples throughout history", Walker wrote in a statement.

Columbus never said he discovered America, and certainly never called it that.

Columbus was a native of the City of Genoa, in present day Italy, and his voyage was sponsored by Isabella I and Ferdinand II of Spain.

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"It was one of the things that would allow them to become Americans symbolically", said Fred Gardaphe, a professor of Italian-American studies at Queens College.

On a municipal level, celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day is a shift adopted in some parts of the country.

In Southington, the Knights of Columbus says the monument has been in the works for year- well before the current debate.

The Los Angeles City Council voted in August to rename Columbus Day - a federal holiday for more than 80 years - to Indigenous Peoples Day, but it has until 2019 to officially create the new holiday while it drafts and creates a new ordinance. It was first observed every October 12 until being moved in 1971 to the second Monday in October.

It takes more than a few cities replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People Day, but it's a start.

But the Barron bill appears to be the only introduced this year to change the name of the holiday statewide.

So let's change the question: Should we actively appreciate Christopher Columbus? It is seen by Hispanics as a celebration of their culture, because of to the links between Columbus and the royal court of Spain and the subsequent Spanish colonization of much of South and Central America.

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