Published: Sat, October 28, 2017
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Shutdown in IOK as Kashmiris observe Black Day

Shutdown in IOK as Kashmiris observe Black Day

Commemorating the black day of Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir on Oct 27, 1947, "the Senate of Pakistan reiterates the stance of Hurriyat Leadership that any attempt for dialogue without engaging Pakistan in this regard is not only against longstanding worldwide resolutions of the United Nations, but reflects India's continued selfishness, insincerity and blatant disregard of global principles of self-determination." the resolution said.

The leaders said the day was "unfortunate" for the Kashmiris and even questioned the accession of Kashmir to India in their statement.

The second point reads: "This gathering strongly condemns the presence of eight lakh Indian armed forces in Kashmir who enjoy impunity under the draconian AFSPA that allows them to kill innocent Kashmiris at their will anywhere, anytime".

The president said, "Azad Kashmir is the base camp of Kashmir freedom movement and we will continue to play our role till the freedom of occupied Kashmir; people of Azad Kashmir stand together with the occupied Kashmiri brothers".

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On the occasion, Anas Sarwar said Indian forces were blinding Kashmiri children using pellet guns and over 400 children had lost their vision.

Srinagar: United Jihad Council chief, Syed Salahuddin while calling for a complete strike on October 27, to protest the landing of Indian army in Kashmir, Wednesday made it clear that they are not against any dialogue process but the dialogue should be tripartite and in the light of UN resolutions. Kashmiris didn't accept subjugation and are continuously raise their voice against it. He claimed there was a need for an independent, transparent and fair investigation into these human rights violations under the United Nations.

"The former IB officer was appointed as an interlocutor by New Delhi to show to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that New Delhi was talking with Kashmiris. The struggle against the forced control will remain the way people of Jammu and Kashmir have been doing since past 70 years". Once lingering Kashmir issue is resolved according to the aspirations of the Kashmiris themselves hopefully there will be good neighbourly relations between India and Pakistan.

AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that the Indian occupation of Kashmir reflects their ambiguous ambition of expansion.

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