Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

Super Mario Odyssey has a new live-action trailer, because why not?

Super Mario Odyssey has a new live-action trailer, because why not?

On the Rllmuk forum a user posted an image of EDGE's Super Mario Odyssey review score, and unsurprisingly it's a 10 out of 10. Standing tall (or as tall as he can) alongside other city-dwelling dancers, Mario takes over the fictional New Donk City while Pauline sings the game's theme track, "Jump Up, Super Star!"

Mario rushes through the New Donk City festival, meeting person after person, keeping a smile on his face all the way through.

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Mario may be trying to stop Bowser yet again in Super Mario Odyssey, but this may be the first game where Mario is actually having fun on the journey there. This lets the developer creatively use this concept to introduce new puzzles and platforming obstacles while the story is pretty standard for a Mario game but also makes it the first time the Italian plumber has made its way to the big city. For even more cuteness, we see Mario throw his hat to a dog who playfully catches it without getting possessed. The story here is that Princess Daisy is the mayor of New Donk City, and moonlights as a singer, giving Mario a little serenade during his adventure in New Donk City.

The game is out on October 27 for the Nintendo Switch, and will be a holiday must-buy for Switch owners.

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