Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
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Texas Tech University police officer shot and killed

Texas Tech University police officer shot and killed

Classes are scheduled to resume Tuesday, Oct. 10.

Students in Texas are legally allowed to carry handguns around university campuses once the weapon is concealed and they are over the age of 21.

In news with Kaitlin Moore, a Texas Tech student is in custody, accused of killing a police officer. The suspect ran off and a full SWAT call out was made.

Officers took him to the police station for a "standard debriefing", said Cook.

Hollis Daniels, a freshman from Seguin, was apprehended around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, the Texas Tech University Police Department said in a statements.

The warrant says a.45 caliber pistol loaded with RP ammunition was found where Daniels was arrested.

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Daniels has been attending Texas Tech University since 2016 and was studying Communication Arts - Radio, TV, Mass Media Studies, according to his Facebook page.

Daniels is charged with capital murder and is being held in the Lubbock County Dentention Center in lieu of $5 million bond. Police are trying to establish whether the gun used by Daniels n the shooting belonged to the student or the officer. "For more information go to". He was located near Jones AT&T Stadium. He kept looking back at my truck. The officers asked him to remove his backpack. He was captured less than two hours later. The student fled on foot - again, raising questions about security inside the stationhouse - but was caught by 9:34 p.m. Police are searching for the student who was driving a silver 2001 BMW SUV.

The shooting on Monday night caused panic throughout the campus. That was when one of the officers fired three bullets at him, before shouting, "I'll f***ing shoot you!"

The campus carry law, signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in 2015, states that applicants for a concealed carry permit must be at least 21 years old and have no felony convictions.

A Texas Tech University police officer has been shot and killed at the campus police headquarters. The governor said he's ordered the Texas Department of Public Safety to offer its assistance to the Lubbock Police Department. "The officer is deceased", Cook stated. As per reports, the tragic incident took place at the police building on Flint Avenue.

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