Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
World | By Melba Underwood

Trump Won't Get Royal Welcome During UK Visit

Trump Won't Get Royal Welcome During UK Visit

Donald Trump is set to visit Britain as early as January in a scaled down "working" trip that would not see him meet the Queen or stay at Buckingham Palace.

It will likely be one stop on a tour of several countries, the Evening Standard reported on Wednesday, and will focus on global security discussions.

The offer of a state visit made by Theresa May to the USA president in January raised eyebrows with a former head of the committee that arranges state visits saying it breached protocol. If Trump's trip is a working visit, he will likely stay at the US ambassador's residence, according to the Standard.

Downing Street declined to comment on the trip and said its position on the state visit had not changed.

The visit will not include a stay with the Queen like Barack Obama enjoyed in 2011.

What we know is that Trump's visit won't have the usual pomp and circumstance associated with state visits, and won't be a guest of the Queen.

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Commons speaker John Bercow later said the president should not be allowed to address the House of Commons during any visit.

American President Donald Trump, whose last name is a synonym for fart in this country, is, to put it very lightly, not without his controversies. "The state visit should never have been offered, and with reports that Trump doesn't want to come if he will face protests, it may well never happen".

In the meantime Trump has visited Emmanuel Macron in Paris for Bastille Day festivities, held talks with Angela Merkel in Hamburg, toured the Vatican and met the Pope, visited Belgium's King Philippe at the Royal palace in Brussels and held talks with European Union leaders at their headquarters.

A former adviser to the Obama administration said recently that United States officials regarded the idea of a special relationship with Britain as a joke.

"Exact dates for President Trump to visit have not yet been arranged", she said.

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