Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
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Twitter developing 'Save for Later' feature to easily, privately bookmark tweets

Twitter developing 'Save for Later' feature to easily, privately bookmark tweets

According to a recent tweet by a Twitter employee, the company seems to be working on a save-for-later feature that would allow users to bookmark specific tweets or links to view at a later time.

The tool will finally let users store tweets without having to "like" the very bad stuff people write in them.

According to Twitter product manager Jesar Shah, lots of users wanted to have an easier and private way of saving tweets for later, especially in Japan. "Been a top request", he tweeted. "#SaveForLater", he stated in a Tweet on Tuesday. Using this addition, users can keep separate list of items in which they can preserve their tweets for later reference, instead of using the heart button.

Currently, users have a few options to save tweets for later use.

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At the end of last month Twitter announced more changes to their social network, saying they were testing doubling the character limit of tweets with some accounts. "The company has, in the past introduced tools such as an "@" mention and retweets, in response to community feedback.

There's no timeline for the feature's launch but Twitter is seeking user feedback on the feature as it builds it. They include bookmarking with a heart, DM-ing them to themselves and even retweeting. As for a name, "Save For Later" is suggested as the front runner in Shah's tweet. The country is growing as an important market for Twitter, and now, is its second biggest market after the U.S.

Twitter recently expanded its 140 character limit to 280 characters for some users, which is the biggest change the social networking platform has made till date.

Twitter's mobile site shows a prototype of Save for Later, featuring an overflow icon in lieu of the DM button in the main feed.

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