Published: Sat, November 11, 2017
World | By Melba Underwood

'Fox & Friends' Blasts Media for Ignoring Donna Brazile Who Is Literally Everywhere

'Fox & Friends' Blasts Media for Ignoring Donna Brazile Who Is Literally Everywhere

'But I can not help a candidate, Joe, if I don't have the resources, if I can not spend the resources that the party is raising because there's a blind agreement, ' she said, being interrupted by co-host Mika Brzezinki who chimed in, 'exactly'.

Lux and co-founder Adam Parkhomenko, who built Ready for Hillary, later served as director of grassroots engagement on Clinton's presidential campaign and is now a paid adviser to Clinton, have been frustrated by the lack of coordination and continuity in Democratic campaigns. I know how to touch people where they live, work, play and play, ' Brazile began.

The former DNC chair went on to suggest the Democratic primary was a "fair fight" between Clinton and Sanders until co-host Mika Brzezinski interjected, saying "no, it wasn't".

About midway through this interview, panel member Mike Barnicle asked Brazile, "Why is it that you and several other people who I respect greatly could not get to the Clinton campaign, 2-3 weeks out before the election, with the fact that they were incompetent, that they were depending on algorithms rather than common sense, that they had no sense of scheduling going to industrial states like Wisconsin and OH?" It felt like it was a cult, ' Brazile said Wednesday on Morning Joe in reference to the Clinton campaign. What I did say, and what I've said in the past, and what I say in this book, is that I, as an officer of the DNC - and I know WikiLeaks gave everybody certain questions in certain emails. "I wanted to prevent this hacking from ever happening again and I also want to see the Democratic party a stronger party, a more effective party and make sure that our country is never attacked again". "They did this", Brazile said, making a dismissive motion as if brushing away a fly.

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Brazile said she learned the "hard way" that you can not read an excerpt without the context.

"Donna, I think the arrogance the [Clinton] campaign showed you, is the arrogance the campaign- it was the way they conducted themselves throughout the entire process", Brzezinski said. She's seen being held up and pulled into the vehicle by secret service agents.

Wrong. If Brazile were rehashing things we knew, there would be no book and no bombshell headlines now. Why did they lose? "The political party, the DNC, was broke", Brazile said. Mike Barnicle's question comes about 10 minutes in.

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