Published: Sun, November 12, 2017
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Air Traffic Controller Charged With Possessing A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Air Traffic Controller Charged With Possessing A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

His release comes less than 24 hours after the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported Dandan, an air traffic controller at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, was charged with possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

Dandan was charged with possession, acquiring and transporting a weapon of mass destruction, while Fells was charged with three counts of manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction and one count of possession of such a weapon.

Thirty-year-old Paul George Dandan is now being held in the Mecklenburg County Jail under a US$45,000 bond, NBC affiliate WCNC reported.

The weapon in question has not been confirmed.

According to WJW, police did not indicate Dandan's suspected motive in accepting the bomb, nor whether he took the device to the airport at which he worked. Dandan had some kind of explosive, which was not at the airport, sources told the Charlotte TV station.

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Investigators say Fells confessed to manufacturing the device, revealing he initially meant to target a neighbor with it. The FBI is assisting Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police with the investigation but said federal charges aren't expected against Dandan at this point.

Federal law says that a weapon of mass destruction can be a bomb, a grenade, a rocket, a missile, a mine or other similar weapons created to kill and seriously hurt people.

Dandan, who is also a volunteer with the local fire department, was arrested in 2015 and charged with assaulting a woman. "He did not have access to any aircraft at the Airport". He admitted to detectives that he made the bomb in order to use it against a neighbor.

Police did not say how Dandan and Fells knew each other, nor did they say why Fells gave the device to Dandan, or why Dandan accepted it. Authorities say his airport access only extended to the control tower.

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