Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
World | By Melba Underwood

Apartment floor collapses into unit below during massive party

Apartment floor collapses into unit below during massive party

Students from the University of North Texas were celebrating homecoming weekend and were at a party on the third floor of a student housing complex. Busari says he fell through the floor himself, and that the party spiraled out of control when people he didn't know suddenly appeared.

No word if "structural issues" at The Ridge Apartments on Colorado Blvd. are actually to blame.

Denton Fire Captain Brian Glenn says the collapse likely broke pipes and plumbing and investigators were out Sunday afternoon analyzing the damage.

Abiola Busari, a junior at University of North Texas, hosted the homecoming party and lives in the unit that collapsed.

Exactly four minutes after Castro and one of her roomates arrived at the police department, the fire department received an alert that fire alarms were going off at the apartments, according to time logs provided by the police department.

One woman named Carley Carroll created a GoFundMe account for her sister, who lived in the apartment underneath where the party was taking place.

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Only minor injuries were reported, Denton Police said.

Detectives believe the collapse was caused by too much jumping.

"People gotta grab their wallets, keys, back packs because we have school tomorrow", said Trent Blackburn.

"TV's, computers, just everything".

Videos posted online show a mass of people falling into the unit below, as water from a burst sprinkler system sprayed across the room. "Everything you need for college is gone", Carroll told WFAA.

"The university is here to help any of our students who may have been impacted". Moments before the collapse, two of the tenants drove to the police department to report the loud party that shook their home.

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