Published: Sat, November 11, 2017
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Donna Brazile speaks at SF Commonwealth Club on book tour

Donna Brazile speaks at SF Commonwealth Club on book tour

But Brazile strikes a different tone in her book, insisting that the agreement ensured the Democratic primary battle wasn't a fair fight and that it "compromised the party's integrity".

"In exchange for relieving the DNC of its debt, the Clinton campaign would run certain part of the operations and my reaction to that is oh hell no", she said. America where she goes to the roads less traveled in the U.S. and asks uncomfortable questions in a safe space, eliciting conversations about why we are so different yet connected on so many levels as a nation.

President Donald Trump and conservative commentators have seized on those comments, with Trump tweeting last week that Brazile's account proves that the primary was "bought and paid for by Crooked H".

"He was my child", Brazile said.

"As a Christian woman, I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted", Brazile said on Fox News more than a year ago when asked if it was her.

"I don't want the Dianne Feinsteins and the Nancy Pelosis of the world to leave the room, I want them to just scoot over, make room", she said at a talk hosted by the Commonwealth Club at the Marines' Memorial Theatre.

For a consummate Democratic insider, Brazile sounded surprisingly downbeat on the American two-party system. Brazile says she provided no questions, just debate topics to both the Clinton and Sanders campaigns. And CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin pointed out that Brazile "lied" about passing along the debate question. Even worse, imagine how silly you would feel if you also sent money to the DNC - the very entity that was, behind the curtain, working to deny your preferred candidate the title.

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In any other field, such shenanigans would be called "fraud".

A spokeswoman for Warren later told MassLive that Warren believes, as she said last week, that the DNC was rigged, but that the primary itself was not.

Clinton's (brief) response to the Brazile allegations were not quite so urgent. "I am less anxious today about the Democratic Party than I was a few years ago".

"I wanted to write this book because we have to protect our democracy", said Brazile, who said the Russian hacking made her fear for American democracy.

Brazile: I don't know. Now she refuses to be deferential. She has every right to tell her story.

One suggestion she had for Clinton: "She should have asked Bill to go hang out in Detroit, bring your saxophone", Brazile joked.

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