Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
Markets | By Rosalie Gross

Drive-thru fight erupts over chicken nuggets at Indianapolis McDonalds

Drive-thru fight erupts over chicken nuggets at Indianapolis McDonalds

The video appears to show two women climbing through the drive-thru window of the McDonald's at 16th and Meridian, enraged over a problem with Chicken McNuggets.

Two women climbed through a McDonalds drive-thru window and attacked an employee after they were unhappy with the time it was taking to get their McNuggets.

The women then began pounding on the window and honking their vehicle horn, claiming they had been disrespected. When he showed them the receipt, proving that they only ordered a four-piece, one of them leaped through the window and fists started flying.

Indianapolis Police said the women could be charged with battery and vandalism if they are found, according to USA Today.

The women were then forced back out through the window and drove off at speed - without the extra chicken McNuggets.

The woman who shot the video, Monique McNeely, said she has been getting calls from as far away as New Zealand about the story.

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The women got angry when the manager told them they would have to line up again.

"I thought that they were robbing", said McNeely, "and when I heard the shouting I thought 'Please tell me this is not happening to me'".

"All I knew was I had to just keep on rolling and keep on shooting that video because it was going to help the individuals inside especially that last bit of video because that's when I captured the license plate number", she said.

Police said they are still investigating the incident.

Thankfully, the manager escaped the incident unscathed, but the women did manage to knock over a pot of tea and break the tablet register.

Managers at the store declined to comment, but some people in the area said they were not surprised about the altercation.

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