Published: Mon, November 06, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

Fake WhatsApp Lands on Google Play Store

Fake WhatsApp Lands on Google Play Store

One particular app, named "Update WhatsApp", mimicked WhatsApp to trick users by making them believe that they were updating an existing application. This could contain arbitrary code that users had not opted to run on their devices. Google programs are no exception to malicious contents and Play Store is still full of malicious copycats of popular apps.

Dubbed "Update WhatsApp Messenger", the bogus app has been developed by a company calling itself "WhatsApp Inc". The app, which is officially called Update WhatsApp Messenger, was created to look exactly like the official WhatsApp app and was uploaded by a developer who called himself WhatsApp Inc., an overt attempt to fool even discerning users.

According to reports, it was very easy for a layman to fall for this app since the name of the app and its logo were similar to the original.

Other upcoming features seem to include the disappearance of the "wait for Wi-Fi" option when updating or downloading large apps, and the arrival of a new auto-update function for system apps only. Google will likely handle the playbook of the audio through their Play Books or Play Music app, but this has not confirmed. The latest update to Opinion Rewards brings our Kiwi cousins on-board as well as Belgians as shown in the "What's New" section for the app which updated (for me) this morning.

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Reddit users spotted the problem on Friday. The actual developer of the app remains unknown at this point of time.

"Check only official channels to download WhatsApp Business in future.", it added.

Perhaps the most interesting revelation is that Google appears to be on the verge of introducing audiobooks to the store. "The chat app aims to help businesses and connect an communicate via this platform". That is, until Google comes up with a way to keep fake developers from imitating the real developers.

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