Published: Mon, November 06, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs Focuses on Exploring Dungeons and Finding Loot

Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs Focuses on Exploring Dungeons and Finding Loot

Just as the leaks earlier this year alluded to, the rat-like subterranean Kobolds will play a major part in this expansion's theme filled with monsters, treasures, and traps as you dig and explore your way underground. Additionally, there's an all new single player mode included with this expansion called "Dungeon Runs" and a new keyword, "Recruit". Blizzard describes it as a "Hearthstone Roguelike". Launching with the new set, Dungeon Run will see players challenge big bosses in a mode that's attempting to replicate the classic fantasy dungeon crawls. The latter will be available for free if you log in from Monday. I like the "permadeath" nature of it too, as if you lose once your run is over! "And also, it's totally free". Free-to-play players rejoice! The neutral legendary Marin the Fox will summon a 0/8 Treasure Chest to your opponent's side of the board.

The most important feature of any collectible card game is how it sets itself apart from other, similar games, and more importantly, if the game's developers can continue to introduce new and unique mechanics. If you're attending Blizzcon or watching the Virtual Ticket, you'll get a golden version of the card. Intrepid adventurers will also be able to arm themselves with one of nine new class-specific Legendary Weapons! Yes, you read that right - a Priest weapon. The first weapon that was shown off during the Hearthstone panel was the Priest's Dragon Soul weapon that lets players summons a powerful dragon with five attack and five health after they play three spells. Some of the most alluring rumors speak of powerful Spellstones among the 135 cards included in "Kobolds & Catacombs": enchanted items that you hold in your hand to empower before playing. Ysera for six mana?

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Inspired by tabletop fantasy games about looting dungeons, Kobolds and Catacombs has cards all about the threats and treasures associated with being a fantasy adventurer, looting unexplored cave systems. Keep on eye on App Trigger for more news and announcements coming from BlizzCon 2017.

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