Published: Wed, November 15, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

HTC Vive Focus Standalone VR Headset Launched In China

HTC Vive Focus Standalone VR Headset Launched In China

HTC has officially unveiled a standalone virtual reality headset called the Vive Focus. At the moment, the device, which was initially teased at Google I/O 2017 in May, will be available exclusively in China.

The headset, which is powered by Qualcomm's positional tracking technology, is hoping to capitalise on its Smartphone dominance in the Chinese market.

What most want, however, isn't just wireless untethered VR, but standalone VR, allowing you to enter a virtual world from anywhere without being stuck down by cables.

Google and HTC Vive are no longer working on the standalone VR headset announced earlier this year. In addition to this, HTC has also released its View Wave SDK for third-party vendors so that they can make accessories for the new headset. It's essentially Daydream but for China instead, meaning the Vive Focus is the VR headset we expected to come to the United Kingdom and USA, but running Daydream instead.

Meanwhile, Lenovo is still expected to release a standalone headset under the Google WorldSense banner - which Bavor insists is still coming - but we doubt we'll see that device until 2018. "Over 35 Chinese and global content developers have already built VR content optimized for Vive Wave".

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Google had announced at the Google I/O conference in May that HTC headsets for the USA market would use the Daydream tracking platform.

The Vive Focus features inside-out 6-degrees-of-freedom "world-scale" tracking. It also comes with a 3DoF Bluetooth controller.

In May, Google announced a new line of standalone devices running on its Daydream mobile VR ecosystem.

The Vive Focus has an AMOLED screen and uses internal sensors to work out where a person is looking. More importantly, this is the first hardware implementation of the new Vive Wave platform.

He said HTC's the decision to release the Focus in only China made sense. However, since the Vive Focus is an independent device, it brings an "unlimited freedom of mobility while reducing the total cost" for end users. But on the other hand, building an ecosystem is far more complicated than building hardware, which is why HTC has taken the safer approach to focus on building up Vive Wave, and exclusively for China.

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