Published: Tue, November 07, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

IPhone Users Find They Can't Type the Letter 'I'

IPhone Users Find They Can't Type the Letter 'I'

Typing the letter "I" autocorrects to an "A" with a unicode [?] symbol instead.

If you have an iPhone and haven't updated your hardware to iOS 11.1, these current user stories may make you wait on doing that. To do that, go into "Settings General Keyboard Text Replacement", the tap the "+" you see appear.

Hailed as "a giant step for iPhone" and "a monumental leap for iPad", iOS 11 couldn't escape criticism shortly after its initial September 19 release, as several issues and baffling feature limitations gradually came to light.

Last week, it was discovered that iOS 11 has an error in its calculator app that creates in the wrong answer if you add multiple numbers together quickly. found that resetting the keyboard dictionary or restarting or resetting the device does not appear to fix the issue.

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However, a solution is soon hoped to be released by Apple, whether it would be in the form of a new update or some feature, time would tell! This notion has been supported by a flooding of specific battery life complaints on Apple's Twitter account, mostly centered on lags and poor battery performance. Recent revelations note the iOS 11.1 Upgrade Guide suggests users only upgrade if they face battery problems, sound advice considering they already have less to lose. The manual method works in most of the cases but doesn't extend to all users.

A unusual bug affecting some devices running iOS 11.1 prevents people from typing the letter "i".

If you're experiencing this glitch, you can do Apple's suggestion to manually fix the auto correct or download a third-party keyboard like Google's Gboard or Swype. For Shortcut, type a lower-case "i".

Apple has said the issue will be fixed in a future software update.

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