Published: Mon, November 06, 2017
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Japan's all-female squad to protect Melania Trump

Japan's all-female squad to protect Melania Trump

She will then have dinner with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before returning to the US on Saturday to help push her father's tax reform plan, Axios reported.

Ivanka Trump escaped the escalating special counsel investigation that's swirling around the White House and her husband, Jared Kushner, to give a speech in Japan, where she's considered a media darling and beloved by some as the ideal woman.

The unfilled rows reminded numerous huge gaps in the crowd that occurred at her father's inauguration in January.

His schedule also includes a golf match with Abe and world No. 4 golfer Hideki Matsuyama at Kasumigaseki Country Club, the course scheduled to host the golfing events for the 2020 Olympics, as well as a meeting with Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.

The city's metropolitan police, too, have assigned Trump an all-female "riot squad" to protect her from overzealous admirers during the visit - and it's the same security measure they plan to extend to first lady Melania Trump when she and President Donald Trump arrive in Japan on November 5.

The unit will be deployed for the first lady and other female dignitaries visiting Japan, including presidential advisor Ivanka Trump, who landed in Tokyo on Thursday.

"All too often, our workplace culture fails to treat women with appropriate respect", Trump said, according to AFP. 'This takes many forms, including harassment, which can never be tolerated, ' Trump continued. Women have been empowered to come forward to expose the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

A videotape of Donald Trump emerged last October that showed him boasting about being able to get away with inappropriate behaviour. 'Grab them by the p****.

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But the Times added that the low turnout could be due to the fact that Japanese public has not embraced President Trump's presidency.

Trump said the comments were "locker-room banter".

The president's daughter is speaking out on key issues for women around the world.

Despite the increase in the percentage of women at workplaces, corporate expectations have remained "stagnant" and still operate on "a single-honor mindset" with expectations for mothers to stay home to provide fulltime care, she said.

He is perhaps not a man who likes being upstaged.

She did not mention her father by name during the brief address and instead focused on her work with the USA administration to promote women's roles in the economy.

However, it's unclear if Ivanka's father is looked at as favorably.

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