Published: Thu, November 30, 2017
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Josh Gordon Says He Made $10000 A Month Selling Weed At Baylor

Josh Gordon Says He Made $10000 A Month Selling Weed At Baylor

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has finally be reinstated by the National Football League and is expected to be added to the Browns' active roster this Friday, making him eligible for this Sunday's matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers. Every morning he would pick up a.38 special from a tattoo parlor and return it at the end of the school day.

That wasn't all. He also claimed to deal drugs while at Baylor and would receive up to six pounds of marijuana each week through the mail and estimated he made "upward of $10,000" per month from selling it in cities around the state of Texas.

The Houston native told SI he would get a weekly shipment of weed through the US mail system - sealed in Mylar, soaked in kerosene and stashed among coffee beans to mask the smell - and then Gordon would drive to Dallas, San Antonio and Austin to sell it.

Also in the interview, Gordon said he was shot while in high school, and fashioned himself a gangster who was packing heat.

Gordon told SI he had started selling marijuana while in high school to help support his family.

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Sports Illustrated reports that he told an interviewer he drove to Dallas, Austin and San Antonio to sell it. On Tuesday, Sports Illustrated published its story, which was written by Ben Baskin.

While at Baylor, Gordon was arrested for possession in 2010 and was indefinitely suspended by the school a year later after failing a drug test.

Gordon told GQ he would smoke marijuana, drink or have something in his system for nearly every game he played. That is consistent with what he would tell the Cleveland media when he was reinstated after a 10-game suspension in 2014.

As Josh Gordon prepares for his future with the Cleveland Browns, the former All-Pro is detailing his past. But that is not what Gordon told GQ in an interview done November 1 not long before meeting with Goodell on the same day.

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