Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Sports | By Spencer Underwood

Keys to defeating Cleveland Cavaliers on November 13

Keys to defeating Cleveland Cavaliers on November 13

LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers squad choose the six-minute train ride back to their hotel following their shoot around ahead of tonight's game with the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. "Decided to take a different transportation this time", James said, panning around the train to capture his teammates.

Even LeBron James must follow the unwritten rules of public transportation. LeBron panned the camera next to a random guy sitting next to him who did not want to be any part of the NBA All-Star's video. You board a train and do a quick scan: Are there any open seats?

Video on the NBA's Instagram page showed the team making their way through Penn Station before hopping on the subway.

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Following Monday morning shootaorund at Madison Square Garden, the Cleveland Cavaliers didn't want to sit in bumper-to-bumper NY traffic just to get back to the team hotel.

Another Knicks fan is also heard talking up Kristaps Porzingis when he sees the Cavaliers walking by. "I got on in Philly before but not here in New York", James said.

It was LeBron's first time riding the subway in Manhattan, and it quickly became apparent that he could use some etiquette lessons, courtesy of real New Yorkers. The same, apparently, applied to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday morning.

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