Published: Wed, November 08, 2017
Science | By Eileen Rhodes

Lamborghini Unveils Electric Supercar

Lamborghini Unveils Electric Supercar

While Lamborghini doesn't explicitly say that the concept vehicle is fully electric, it does imply that thanks to the expertise of two laboratories at MIT, one led by Prof. Eseentially this would be a supercapacitor, which can release very large amounts of energy very quickly, which is ideal for a auto chasing next generation supercar levels of performance. The goal is to provide the Terzo Millennio with the ability to conduct its own health monitoring to detect cracks and damage in its substructure derived from accidents. Italian for "Third Millennium", the electrically propelled machine would seem to point the way forward for Lamborghini design and engineering. New supercar received four electric motors located at each wheel, and in tandem with the battery for energy storage will be the responsibility of the capacitors located under the body, and "intelligent" recovery system.

But to make this concept effort more than just compete and utter fantasy, the designers at Lambo joined forces with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to add some much-needed science into the Millennio mix.

As it happens, the Terzo Millennio doesn't use your average, run-of-the-mill, Li-Ion batteries, but a new type of supercapacitors. The car's carbon fiber body allows the entire vehicle to work as one big energy storage medium - nearly like a battery on wheels.

It was 12 months ago when Lamborghini and MIT started their mission to "rewrite the rules on super sports cars" for the future. So, despite being electrified, Lamborghini's new concept vehicle will still be able to generate an audible sound, as what is expected from all supercars. "We'll have three scientists working full time on making these new materials, testing them, and collaborating with Lamborghini", said MIT Professor Mircea Dinca, who will direct one of the labs.

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Another innovative feature of the Terzo Millenio is the integration of energy storage technology into its carbon fiber body and structures.

While promising, the car's design does present certain challenges which could take years for Lamborghini to overcome.

The bodywork of the Millennio will utilise Lamborghini's expertise in carbon fibre, which naturally results in significant weight reduction. A highly advanced monocoque based on Lamborghini's Forged Composite technology can be modelled, containing only the energy accumulation system and driver's and co-driver's seats, inspired by race cars. Also in the works is a "self-healing" mechanism, whereby the auto can automatically detect any damage to the frame and activate chemical reactions to fix it before it spreads.

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