Published: Sat, November 18, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

Mobile Black Friday 2017 BOGO IPhone Deal Kicks Off Friday

Mobile Black Friday 2017 BOGO IPhone Deal Kicks Off Friday

Prominent companies which will offer Black Friday deals on 24 November are Vodacom, MTN, Telkom, and Cybersmart.

T-Mobile doesn't care that it's not actually Black Friday yet.

You might've noticed that the iPhone 8 Plus isn't on that list, and that's because its deal is a little different. The company is running a massive Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) campaign, which is kicking off tomorrow, November 17. Do any of T-Mobile's smartphone deals interest you?

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The iPhone 7 remains a solid smartphone, and if you need as much storage as you can handle, this is certainly a deal worth taking advantage of. You could of course opt for the iPhone 8 - which starts at $699 - or even pick up the more budget-friendly iPhone SE which retails for little as $349.

T-Mobile says the BOGO deal is available to all new and existing customers that add a line and purchase both devices via their equipment installment plan. That works out to a savings of $308 Dollars, according to the carrier.

In addition, T-Mobile is selling the Twilight Magenta Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM for $179.99 ($70 off), and the Twilight Magenta Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 for $99.99 ($80 off).

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