Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
Science | By Eileen Rhodes

Some iPhone X users are experiencing their screens freezing in cold weather

Some iPhone X users are experiencing their screens freezing in cold weather

This is Apple's first OLED display on an iPhone and the company wants it to perform well but with two issues already, it remains to be seen.

But it also places additional pressure on the iPhone X to perform well - and highlights why the current delays of the device must be so frustrating for Apple.

"You'd expect there to be a high price to pay for a lovely phone like the iPhone X. Unfortunately for consumers, in the end it's likely to be more than the $1,000 they've already invested", said SquareTrade creative director Jason Siciliano. With their infamous price tag on the new iPhone X, one would expect there to be minimal issues. Users are reporting that their screens would either not respond at all or responsiveness was inaccurate.

"It appears the "coldgate" problem with iPhone X was happening at temperatures close to zero degrees but still within the recommended temperature range", 9to5Mac reported late on Thursday.

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Some users discovered a software bug causing the iPhone X to freeze up in cold weather. The problem appears to be more pronounced when a user goes from a warm interior to a cold environment. In its statements, Apple has said that they're aware of the issue and it'll be addressed in an upcoming software update.

Apple support has been responsive so far, vowing to work with users to fix the issue.

Apple is still dealing with the iPhone X responsiveness issues when exposed to cold temperatures, but it may have another problem on its hands. In a video posted by SquareTrade that tested the iPhone X's resistance, showed the iPhone X being dropped from a height of 6 feet (1.83 meters) onto concrete, on its edge, face down, back down, as well as putting it through a 60-seconds tumble test. Don't forget to share it with us and become a part of the conversations.

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