Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
World | By Melba Underwood

Structure collapses at Barrio Logan paintball center

Structure collapses at Barrio Logan paintball center

Around 50 children and two adults, aged 72 and 46, had gathered for a birthday party at Vault PK in Barrio Logan, where the 10x30 ft wooden platform collapsed on Saturday night.

Parents hold their children after first responders rushed to the scene of a stairwell collapse at a San Diego gym that hurt at least 20 kids. One child may have suffered a moderate spinal cord injury because of the way he fell and another child may have a moderate head injury, according to San Diego Fire Department officials. A snapchat video obtained by FOX5 shows broken wooden planks and shattered glass covering the floor while parents move children to a safer area.

"Once the majority of kids got up there the whole platform collapsed", he said. The training facility specializes in parkour training which is based on military obstacle courses.

Joe Saari said when he and his wife dropped off their two children for a few hours there were 100 to 150 kids at the facility, a warehouse that includes trampolines and bouncy houses.

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No further details were immediately available. Children huddled nearby in groups, some with parents.

An hour after the incident, the street around the warehouse was lined with ambulances and fire trucks, some leaving with apparent victims inside and yet still more emergency vehicles arriving. Their safety has always been a priority.

The statement continued, "We are working with authorities and will continue to do so to resolve this".

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