Published: Wed, November 15, 2017
World | By Melba Underwood

Taliban attacks kill more 20 police personnel

Taliban attacks kill more 20 police personnel

Mehri is blaming the Taliban, who have stepped up their attacks against Afghan security forces across the country and have been more active in Farah province also.

A police commander escaped unhurt a Taliban attack on his house in Afghanistan's northern province of Takhar but one of his relatives was killed, local police said Tuesday.

Helal said that some gunbattles between the attackers and security forces continued until the morning. He said 45 Taliban were killed and 35 others wounded.

Another police official, Zia Durrani, said none of the checkpoints was captured in the attacks.

"Our forces resisted until they received reinforcement and air support", said Zia Durrani, spokesman for Kandahar's police chief. "The Taliban were defeated".

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Naway district governor Sarajuddin Sarhadi said five local police were also killed at checkpoints in his district, including a post commander.

Khalid Pashtun, a member of parliament from the region, was quoted as saying that as many as 37 police officers were killed in the fighting.

Speaking on condition of anonymity because his account contradicted the official version, a police official said that losses by the police were far worse than announced, with 70 dead officers and 18 police posts overrun.

Meanwhile, the Taliban spokesman Qari Yosuf Ahmadi has claimed in a statement that 73 security personnel were killed overnight in Kandahar and the previous day in Farah.

The overnight attacks come a day after a suicide vehicle bomb hit a convoy of the US troops in the province's Dand district leaving four Americans wounded.

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