Published: Wed, November 01, 2017
Health Care | By Alberto Manning

Teal Pumpkins For Halloween: What They Mean

Teal Pumpkins For Halloween: What They Mean

"Trick-or-treating isn't fun without candy, but if you can have something that's fun....pencils or temporary tattoos, glitz sticks and's a good substitute", they said.

Halloween can be scary for some kids, but it can be a real nightmare for parents as well, if their kids have food allergies.

Lloyd has put out a teal pumpkin the last couple years, after learning her three-year-old son had a peanut allergy.

There are no cures for food allergies, and the only way to prevent reactions are to avoid the allergen altogether, said Gill. It's estimated that 8 million kids, or one in 13 have food allergies making trick-or-treating tricky. A few years ago, someone had the idea to paint a pumpkin with the color to raise awareness.

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"It has been absolutely wonderful to see families continue to embrace the Teal Pumpkin Project, whether they are personally affected by food allergies or not", said Lois A. Witkop, chief advancement officer at FARE. Members from the departments reenacted the ever-popular Halloween jam, but it doesn't stop there.

FARE suggests that participants place non-food items in a separate container than the candy they pass out on Halloween as an extra safety precaution.

One in thirteen kids have food allergies and for families' part of that statistic, they're grateful there is a safe way for their kids to take part in the fun of Halloween.

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