Published: Sun, November 05, 2017
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The Swift Unraveling of Kevin Spacey in Less Than a Week

The Swift Unraveling of Kevin Spacey in Less Than a Week

The studio's statement reads, "MRC, in partnership with Netflix, will continue to evaluate a creative path forward for the program during the hiatus".

Spacey, who has been dumped by his publicist and agents at CAA, is seeking "evaluation and treatment" in the wake of the sexual abuse allegations against him.

Though an official termination of Spacey from House of Cards has yet to be confirmed as Netflix and MRC determine the show's future, Netflix has confirmed that it will not move forward with the Gore Vidal biopic starring Spacey.

British police confirmed Friday that they had opened an investigation into an allegation of sexual assault from a man in 2008, although officers never identify the subject of an inquiry unless and until they are charged.

It was a stunning fall for an actor, who chilled and thrilled audiences in equal measure in roles such as corrupt U.S. president Frank Underwood in House of Cards, a midlife-crisis-ridden father in American Beauty, and as a serial killer in Seven.

The news comes just days after the on-demand giant suspended production on the sixth series of House of Cards.

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The U.K. newspaper The Guardian reports Scotland Yard is looking into allegations that a suspect - which the tabloid The Sun alleges is Spacey - sexually assaulted another actor. Now speaking to CNN, the workers (who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of professional repercussions) described Spacey's behaviour on the House of Cards set as "predatory", highlighting instances of non-consensual touching and crude comments - particularly targeting young male staffers.

Mexican actor Roberto Cavazos wrote on his Facebook page that he encountered Spacey at the bar of London's Old Vic Theatre, where Spacey was artistic director from 2004-15, and the actor tried to fondle him against his will.

Weinstein has denied any non-consensual relations.

The Old Vic was "not now in a position to comment on specifics", it said. When the staffer told Spacey he wasn't comfortable with the situation, he said Spacey became "visibly flustered" and left the set for the rest of the day.

But unlike the bombshell dropped earlier this week about Spacey and a teenager from 30 years ago, these allegations are more recent, and they're centered right here in Maryland, on the set of "House of Cards".

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