Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

Apple Pay Cash Launched; Its Easy As Sending a Message

iOS 11 has been installed on just 59% of compatible iPhones and iPads, with owners seeming reticent to install the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system.

A new "Sports" tab has also been added to the Apple TV app, so fans can see the teams, leagues and sporting events now playing or coming up soon, along with the time remaining and current scores.

Apple Pay Cash goes live in the U.S. for Apple Watch users in the United States.

Apple Pay Cash is flawless for smaller payments among friends - for instance, suppose a user owes their friend some money. They can also use it as payment in stores which accept Apple Pay.

The catch? Your device (s) must support the new iOS 11.2, which is available now as a free update and is required to make person to person payments and use Apple Pay Cash on iPhone and iPad. Using Apple Pay Cash users can send an receive money, make person to person payments, make payments of purchases and even transact with their banks.

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Tap on the Apple Pay Cash card that appears there.

This feature was initially introduced in WWDC 2017, now finally every Apple Watch users can enjoy the same. Pay Cash also works through the Wallet app and Siri. And since there's no Touch ID, much less Face ID, you'll have to key in your passcode the old-fashioned way. This is done by going to Settings Wallet Apple Pay. If you are adding cash, there is a minimum of $10 per transaction.

But despite the delays, it's here now, and it's a significant evolution of Apple Pay, if only for the fact that it directly takes on Google Wallet's and Venmo's peer-to-peer payments feature. More sports services will be added in future, Apple said.

If you are sending or receiving cash, there is a $1 minimum and a $3,000 maximum. You can not add more than $10,000 over a 7-day period.

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