Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
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Apple Pay Cash Launches in the USA; Canadians Can Only Dream

Apple Pay Cash Launches in the USA; Canadians Can Only Dream

Apple has however stated the update needs to be installed after disabling all notifications for the duration of the install process. Users have also reported problems with Face ID in iPhone X after updating, but most have found a reboot after installation clears up the problem.

Last week was a really bad week for Apple, with both iOS and macOS falling victim to high profile bugs.

Another aspect with the latest update is that it comes with the fix for the date bug that caused iOS 11.1.2 devices to crash after December 2. This time, Apple is now enabling Apple Pay Cash, their new peer-to-peer payments service, in the start. This has caused a lot of frustration for users who rely on their phones to be available throughout the day. The Apple Pay Cash feature allows users to view their transaction history, including person-to-person payments and purchases made in stores, apps and online, in the Wallet app. Then, tap the black Apple Pay icon in the dock.

If you're unable to update or still have issues after the update, contact Apple Support.

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In addition to the major bug fix, the iOS 11.2 update also includes support for Apple Pay Cash, which is integrated into the native messages app. Here's everything you need to know.

Unlike its competitors, Apple Pay Cash doesn't work on Android devices.

If you are stocking your Apple Pay Cash card with funds from a current debit account, there are no fees. You also have to confirm your legal name and address. You'll need to link it to a debit or credit card and then transfer money from one of those cards onto your Apple Pay Cash card. But Apple Pay Cash is different. Alternatively, P2P balances can be directed back to the user's bank account.

Begining today, Apple announced customers can now to receive or send money to family members and friends, quickly, easily and securely through iMessage.

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