Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
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Billy Bush says Trump 'Access Hollywood' tape is real

Billy Bush says Trump 'Access Hollywood' tape is real

In an op-ed piece in The New York Times, Bush wrote, "Of course he said it".

He added: "My boss, later, months later, said publicly, 'I think we may have moved a little quickly.' I will say, I would have liked the chance to have been able to address the audience that following Monday".

"20 women do not get together and say: 'Hey!" He called out the "irony" of being fired from his job over the incident, while Trump went on become president of the United States. "I was there, you were there, that is your voice on the tape". He actually doesn't do those things.' If I had thought there was a man detailing a sexual assault strategy to me, I would've called the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not just reported it to my executive producer.

The former Today host further noted that, while he is angered by Trump's most recent actions, he also still holds himself accountable for his own actions (and lack of pushback) when he had the initial taped conversation with Trump back in 2005.

(Screenshot: YouTube/The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) Billy Bush (L) speaking on CBS' "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" in an appearance on December 5, 2017.

Bush addressed the reports that Trump is denying his voice is in the now-infamous "Access Hollywood" tape that leaked prior to the election a year ago, which resulted in NBC firing Bush.

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Bush called out the billionaire businessman on Monday, however, and said that he was "infuriated" when he learned that Trump is questioning the facts. Bush was careful to point out that Trump's delusional denial is far more insulting to the women (more than a dozen) who have accused the president, on the record, of sexual misconduct. Everything's going to be OK.' It's just instinctively what you say to your daughter.

"Enough's enough. stop playing around with people's lives", he said, referring to Trump's latest alleged private suggestion that it was not him on the 2005 tape. I am really sorry. "I love you", he said. "Him saying that actually brought this particular subject around in conjunction with the cultural moment we're in now where revelations of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual impropriety are putting new spotlights on the accusations against the president", Colbert said.

"They are coming after me to try and destroy what is considered by even them the greatest movement in the history of our country".

"He was regaling the seven guys that were on the bus doing his bit". "Today is about reckoning and reawakening", Bush wrote.

"We had a conversation about that and he told me that he went privately to the bosses and took that line", he recalled. "I said, 'I appreciated it, ' and accepted it and thanked him".

"We kind of have to find our way to have the dialogue". "I hope it reaches all the guys on the bus".

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