Published: Fri, December 01, 2017
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Chinese actress Liu Yifei to star in Disney's live-action Mulan

Chinese actress Liu Yifei to star in Disney's live-action Mulan

Amid a wave of criticism at Hollywood for "whitewashing" roles, Disney casting directors reportedly focused on finding an ethnically Chinese young woman for Mulan, visiting five continents and reviewing almost 1,000 candidates.

Disney has enlisted a Chinese actress to star in the title role of its live-action version of Mulan. It is being said that the casting directors from Disney visited five continents and saw almost 1,000 candidates before finalising on Crystal Liu. According to a post on the Disney blog Oh My Disney, "The live-action film will be inspired by both the legendary ballad and the Disney animated classic". Recent films accused of whitewashing include Japanese anime "Ghost in the Shell" - the main role of which was played by Scarlett Johansson. But we've got good news because Disney has finally found their new Mulan after a year-long search, and she is 100 per cent Chinese! The ancient folk tale recounts the story of Hua Mulan, who hid her identity and gender to serve in the Chinese army to spare her aged father and younger brother from fighting.

In Liu, Disney found the complete package. You may have heard about 2017's "The Chinese Widow", in which she starred alongside Emile Hirsch. She starred in the Chinese-American 2008 film, The Forbidden Kingdom, alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li and also featured in 2014's Outcast, which starred Nicholas Cage and Hayden Christensen.

Disney have found their lead star
Disney casts Chinese actress to play the live-action Mulan after anti-whitewashing petition

Fans went straight to the internet to voice out their excitement about the news and celebrated Disney for staying true to the Chinese culture and history.

The remake of "Mulan" is expected to be released on 2019.

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