Published: Mon, December 04, 2017
Markets | By Rosalie Gross

Ford sues WWE star John Cena for flipping his Ford GT

Ford sues WWE star John Cena for flipping his Ford GT

American professional wrestler, actor, rapper and reality television show host John Cena had started reviewing cars via his Youtube channel of late. Cena was picked from thousands of applicants to be able to purchase the vehicle, but also agreed to keep the auto for at least two years, before being allowed to sell it.

According to court documents, Cena had the GT delivered on September 23, 2017, and by October 20 he had already sold it.

When Ford was deciding which lucky individuals would get the right to purchase the redesigned Ford GT, they ran potential owners through the gauntlet. The suit claims Cena flipped the vehicle for a profit shortly after he got it and well before the required two years that he was obligated to keep it. "Ford also has lost nearly two years of ambassadorship and brand value that Mr. Cena would have offered by owning the vehicle for the contractually required time", the complaint concludes. (B) You understand that being selected for the opportunity to purchase this vehicle is non-transferable and agree not to sell the vehicle within the first 24 months of delivery.

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According to Ford, Cena told them that he sold the vehicle along with several other possessions "in order to pay bills".

Cena was selected by Ford past year to be able to purchase one of around 500 GT supercars the company has built so far, and picked his up in September. While he said that it was so good he "needs a new change of trousers", it also looked like a pretty tight squeeze in there for the big guy.

Ford wants Cena to fork over all the profits he made on sale as well as pay damages. But his love of cars has got him into hot water recently with Ford Motor Company surrounding its limited-edition Ford GT.

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