Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

Google Maps introduces India-first two-wheeler mode

Google Maps introduces India-first two-wheeler mode

Similarly, there are highways where two wheelers are not allowed. India is the first country to get "two-wheeler mode" in Google Maps and it is already available with version 9.67.1 of Maps.

Just like the other modes, it will show you road closures, heavy traffic areas, and routes that a two-wheeler can go through but where cars cannot squeeze through of course.

Two-wheeler mode offers numerous same features as auto and truck navigation through Google Maps. Earlier, the offline maps and landmark-based navigation were also launched as India first which later became popular in the rest of the world. "When we build better products for India, we ultimately build better products for everyone".

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Other countries will also benefit from this feature, so all bikers making global trips, have a reason to cheer.

Google maps will now have additional support for two-wheelers. The map shows the most optimal route for two-wheeler drives, in which, the travel time and routes can be different depending upon the real time congestion on the roads. The suggested routes are optimized for motorcycles and rely on reports from other riders. We're seeing the new mode as well, on the most recent form of the Android app. "India is also one of the top 3 country for user contributions for maps", Martha Welsh, Director, Google Maps, said making the announcement. It says it'll add more countries "in the coming months" so it looks like we won't have to wait long to find out. Now, some users in India are sharing screencaps as they're seeing a motorcycle mode beside the vehicle, bus/train, walking, and ride sharing modes that you normally see when looking for a place on the app.

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