Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
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Independent truckers are concerned over electronic logging devices

Independent truckers are concerned over electronic logging devices

"It is completely ridiculous, for anybody to think that some one is going to hack into the truck, and drive it. That might sound like 'oh okay great, your shippers and receivers know where their freight is but so do the criminals", said Douglas Hasner, owner and operator of Landstar Trucking.

"We're going to have some pretty heavy hitters speaking on Monday", said Claburn on his Facebook announcement.

"They're nothing more than a compliance tool that will actually make drivers less safe as they will become more absorbed with not getting an electronic violation than actually doing their job safely", said Doug Kratz, a truck driver for 31 years. The mandate is set to go in to effect on December 18. "We're looking at about a 20 percent loss in actual miles and revenue", she said.

They include Forrest Lucas, president of Corona-based Lucas Oil Products, who said in a phone interview he had met with Vice President Mike Pence on the matter. "They're exhausted of all the regulation", said Doug Hasner, truck driver.

In less than two weeks, a new item will be installed in a majority of truck drivers' cabs. Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill sent a letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration last month, saying the mandate puts an undue burden on drivers and operators.

Truckers want to hit the brakes on mandate they say will make roads less safe, drive up prices
Drivers protest electronic logging device mandate

"FMCSA has listened to important feedback from many stakeholder groups, including agriculture, and will continue to take steps to ease the transition to the full implementation of the ELD rule", said FMCSA Deputy Administrator Cathy Gautreaux. "This 14-hour clock. This almighty regulator of our time is what rules our day". Encourage your Senator and Representative to support the appropriations bill with the ELD exemption.

Operating as D&A Transportation with three trucks, Darrell said he expects to lose revenue after ELDs are implemented. They said they can be hacked and manipulated, and there is uncertainty as to which of the ELD brands will ultimately be certified for use.

"With these new log books, it's not as much time", he said.

"If I'm driving 74 miles per hour and I see a vehicle easing up on me, I will usually let off and let the auto go on, but after the ELDs go into effect I can't give that courtesy anymore because every time I let off the accelerator I lose money".

"They're collecting information about me, my privacy is not being honored". The added cost could lead to an increase in what truckers charge to haul, which may increase the price you pay at the store. "The ECMs in my truck are made for diagnostics, they're not made to send and receive things to another computer".

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