Published: Mon, December 04, 2017
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Quake detected near North Korea nuclear site

Quake detected near North Korea nuclear site

Graham's remarks echoed those of McMaster, who told a security forum in Washington on Saturday that the potential for war with North Korea "is increasing every day".

The UN General Assembly is also expected this month to adopt a resolution condemning North Korea for human rights violations and for conducting missile and nuclear tests while its people suffer from severe hunger.

South Korea's military believes that the latest missile, which flew 950 kilometers before splashing down in waters near Japan, is potentially capable of striking targets as far as 13,000 kilometers, which would put Washington within reach. North Korea released dozens of photos and a video after Wednesday's launch of the new Hwasong-15 missile, which North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared had "finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force".

Kim reportedly ordered the production of the tires in September.

He added that it's important for the US and the global community to work together to convince the North Korean leader that pursuing nuclear capabilities is a "dead end" for both him and his regime. A minimum of nine votes are needed to win such a vote and China, Russia, the United States, Britain and France can not wield their vetoes. Every missile test, every underground test of a nuclear weapon, means the marriage is more likely. "I think we're really running out of time". And, much to our regret, that they try to pull the Japanese and the South Koreans in the same direction.

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The statement came after Yonhap News reported that six US Raptor stealth fighters planes arrived in South Korea on Saturday for a joint air drill named "Vigilant Ace" scheduled for December 4 to 8.

"We're getting close to military conflict because North Korea is marching toward marrying up the technology of an ICBM with a nuclear weapon on top that cannot only get to America, but deliver the weapon".

The ICBM Hwasong-15 type weaponry system used in Wednesday's test is an intercontinental ballistic rocket tipped with super-large heavy warhead capable of striking the whole mainland of the United States, the North said.

But analysts remain unconvinced that it has mastered the advanced technology to allow the rocket to survive re-entry to the Earth's atmosphere. "They will be the first victims if a war is started on the Korean peninsula".

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