Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
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Students in Warren learn about computer science during Hour of Code

Students in Warren learn about computer science during Hour of Code

During his visit, Governor Ducey joined Principal Seth Beute, Phoenix Union High School District Superintendent Chad Gestson, and industry partners to discuss the importance of increasing opportunities for Arizona students to participate in high-quality computer science education. Hour of Code is a worldwide initiative put on by to encourage elementary school kids to learn how to code for one hour during "Computer Science Week".

And as a father, I know that encouraging innovation doesn't just mean my boys are spending their afternoons playing on tablets or smartphones.

Jean Yang, a computer scientist and technology blogger, explains that "computer science is the study of what machines can do for us".

In the past, computer science and the ability to write code was considered something only tech-nerds, hackers and residents of Silicon Valley would have any use for, but those stereotypes are finally changing. Most Hour of Code events happen during Computer Science Education Week, but educators can use's resources to host their own Hour of Code events any time during the year.

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Hadi Partovi told VentureBeat in a phone interview that the nonprofit suggests states take three steps to increase students' access to computer science classes.

The initiative is part of an attempt to get underrepresented groups of people to try computer coding, according to Instructional Technology Resource Teacher for Harrisonburg City Schools, Stacey Penrod. "It makes you think and it helps you with problem solving", Jones said. Meanwhile, the state of Arkansas announced that it will be dedicating $500,000 to the creation of a first-of-its-kind stipend program for existing K-8 teachers in the state who are interested in receiving training to teach computer science.

If you learn how to code, there's no limit what you can achieve.

Founded in 2012, is perhaps best known for its Hour of Code campaign, events held around the world that give students a one hour introduction to computer science and coding. Not only are these tutorials easy to follow but they also introduce learners to "commands", "repeat loops" and "if statements", concepts which are the foundation of all computer programming. Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook have donated more than $10 million each to since its inception.

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