Published: Fri, December 01, 2017
Science | By Eileen Rhodes

Super Mario Cereal from Kellogg's makes breakfast a playful experience

Super Mario Cereal from Kellogg's makes breakfast a playful experience

But never fear, the news is still good: Kellogg's and Nintendo announced today that a Super Mario Cereal will hit the shelves on December 11 in order to celebrate the release of Super Mario Odyssey, which is, as of now, Amazon's best-selling video game of 2017. The cereal contains a variety of different marshmallows including power mushrooms, 1-up mushrooms and the classic coin block in addition to a mix of berry flavors.

Speaking to Cerealously, Kellogg's said it was grateful for "continued interest in seeing a Nintendo cereal". The two companies already have a relationship for Nintendo-themed food. No, what caught our interest is the reported on-the-box promise that "this box is a special Amiibo-Try it with Super Mario Odyssey". The product was discontinued in 1989.

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Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time Nintendo has made a bid for your breakfast table. "The package adds value and excitement for fans, with marshmallow shapes in the cereal inspired by Super Mario power-ups to tie the theme together". It seems that all of the Super Mario Cereal boxes will feature this amiibo NFC sticker on the inside, which runs counter to Kellogg's suggestion that only some of the boxes would. Everyone can agree that 2017 has been a great year for the Japanese gaming giant, thanks to the blockbuster launch of the Nintendo Switch, and several critically acclaimed games that saw it triumph over the dark days of the Wii U. "We are always looking for new opportunities to bring smiles to people of all ages", said Prata, "and this is a fun way to kick off the day".

Super Mario fans, prepare yourselves: Super Mario cereal is here take your breakfast to the next level.

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