Published: Wed, December 13, 2017
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Twitter Introduces New 'Threads' Feature for Posting Tweetstorms

Twitter Introduces New 'Threads' Feature for Posting Tweetstorms

Twitter has announced a new feature that lets you easily thread together tweets. Twitter's latest move aims to make it easier to string tweets together and help you easily discover threads. Once you have completed the thread, you can then "Tweet All". Now it's doing that again by adding features that encourage self-reply chains and make it possible to publish such a thread all at once, rather than one tweet at a time. To compose a single tweet you just tap the compose button then tap the "Tweet" button now located in the top right hand corner.

It will also be easier to recognise a thread as Twitter will be labeling threads with the option of "Show this thread". Twitter users have come up with their own creative ways to create their own "tweetstorms", but soon it should be much easier.

Twitter will be rolling out thread support to iOS, Android and the desktop via the Web in the coming weeks. The feature will roll out via an app update.

The tweetstorm format has been used for a long time on Twitter, initially by a small number of early adopters, including a16z co-founder Marc Andreessen, who would often pen the equivalent of blog posts using tweets.

Here's how the Threads feature will work
Here's how the Threads feature will work

Users can select "add another tweet" rather than the reply button when they are posting several tweets on the same issue.

The new feature comes after Twitter updated its 140-character limit this fall. The need for an official thread feature has been apparent for years: third-party developers have been building apps to thread tweets since at least 2008.

The company also announced that month that it would take steps to ban ads from Russian-funded news outlets after RT and Sputnik were identified by US intelligence agencies as part of the Russian government's effort to interfere in USA elections.

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