Published: Fri, January 19, 2018
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Accused cop killer laughs in court: 'I wish I killed more'

Accused cop killer laughs in court: 'I wish I killed more'

As Bracamontes smiled he called Oliver's partner a "coward" for getting away from the continued gunshots, The Sacramento Bee first reported.

"I wish I could have killed more of those motherf***ers".

"More f-- cops are going to be killed - soon", he shouted as deputies escorted him out of the court upon White's order. "There's no need for a f-- trial".

Bracamontes' outbursts prompted Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steve White to temporarily remove the jury from the courtroom, so that he could deliver a staunch warning to the defendant, threatening to remove him from the courtroom.

At that point, the judge ordered jurors removed from the courtroom. Barbour asked the judge to consider whether his client was competent enough to stand trial.

"Your motion is denied", White told Barbour.

The violence began in the parking lot of a Motel 6 when Bracamontes allegedly shot Oliver in the head as the deputy approached him and asked for ID. Bracamontes has reportedly entered the United States illegally multiple times.

Public defence attorney Jeffrey Barbour's defence rests on trying to prove that his client was high on methamphetamines at time of the murders, and therefore lacked the mental capacity to know what he was doing.

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Bracamontes, 37, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, is on trial along with his wife, Janelle Monroy, 41.

These statements were the latest in a series of outbursts by Bracamontes, who could face the death penalty if convicted.

"Forgive me, God", the note read. "I love you, Janelle".

Bracamontes, who has a long history of arrests and has been deported from Arizona twice, faces the death penalty if found guilty. President Trump has weighed in on the case, mentioning it during a speech to Congress a year ago and introducing the widow of one of the slain deputies. "The only thing I f***ing regret is I only killed two", he said during one of his outbursts.

He wrote a suicide note and tried to gas himself in his house before surrendering to authorities.

Bracamontes was heavily shackled in court, while Monroy, who has mostly remained quiet, was wearing a gray and black dress without shackles or chains.

A court spokesperson said today that proceedings are anticipated to last several months before the case reaches the jury for a decision.

Court filings have described Bracamontes as paranoid and abusive, and say that while the couple drove from their Salt Lake City home to Sacramento he smoked methamphetamine and marijuana and threatened to sell her into sexual slavery.

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