Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
World | By Melba Underwood

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue seeks to ease farmers' anxiety about international trade

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue seeks to ease farmers' anxiety about international trade

"In every decision we make, we are honoring America's proud farming legacy".

President Trump also promised to pass the next Farm Bill before legislation funding support schemes for USA farmers expires on 1 October.

On Monday, the president spoke at the 2018 Farm Bureau convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

The hype surrounding Trump's executive order obfuscates the countless other Trump FCC policies that are making the broadband industry undeniably worse for American consumers, especially those in less affluent and more rural areas. "And from now on, most family farms and small business owners will be spared the punishment of the deeply unfair estate tax, known as the death tax-so you can keep your farms in the family".

Although events earlier in the Farm Bureau convention highlighted farmers' support for trade, Trump mentioned only briefly that his Administration is reviewing all of the trade agreements to ensure they are fair and reciprocal, repeating reciprocal and saying it is so important.

We are fighting for our farmers, for our country, and for our GREAT AMERICAN FLAG.

He also said that farmers would be exempt of inheritance tax.

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President Donald Trump is promoting his administration's plans to boost economic development in rural communities — and reserving a seat at college football's championship game.

"Connect Americans Now looks forward to working with President Trump, Congress, and the FCC to reserve spectrum for broadband in TV white spaces and unlock the incredible possibilities that a modern communications infrastructure can offer in rural America".

The orders followed input from farmers to Trump's rural America task force, who released a report on Monday that detailed their findings, including the need for better internet access.

"I was pleased he acknowledged the importance of exports and that he is working to renegotiate a better NAFTA. And we want our national anthem respected also", the president said. They're hopeful Trump's actions will help farmers and ranchers.

President Donald Trump likes a good applause line.

"Our president, as you know, is very concerned about our trade deficit", Perdue commented in December at a National Press Club event in Washington, "and I'm prone to remind him whenever I'm in his presence that agriculture contributes to a trade surplus, and he needs to recognize that". "One of the biggest reasons that we are the envy of the world is gathered right here in this room - the farmers of America". "We are going to end the lottery system and we are going to build the wall".

To a standing ovation, President Trump also touted the rolling back of numerous regulations, most notably the Environmental Protection Agency's infamous 'Waters of the U.S.' (WOTUS) rule, which Chairman Roberts has fought against since its inception.

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