Published: Tue, January 09, 2018
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Amazon Bringing Alexa to Windows 10 PCs

Amazon Bringing Alexa to Windows 10 PCs

The three personal computer giants debuted personal computers on Monday that are created to work with Alexa, part of a push by Amazon to spread its voice assistant to more third-party devices. Amazon's digital assistant was already available for everyone as a web app, but it's not clear yet if this new desktop app will be restricted to select PCs with special mics. Like the Echo Show, Alexa's responses will be displayed on the screen.

Meanwhile, Google has been making the "Hey, Google" wake-word of its rival service visible on every possible surface at CES as the battle between it and Alexa seems set to accelerate.

The Alexa-integrated PCs will use an Alexa Windows 10 application that will be released later this year.

The exact same features will be available on Windows PCs once the new app goes live, which is great news for PC owners. "Working with Intel and Amazon engineers to optimize Intel Smart Sound Technology to help deliver a hands-free experience, the 360-degree multi-directional reflective audio can hear voice commands from any angle". "This is a big step toward making Alexa available wherever customers might need her".

Google (goog), and Microsoft (msft) believe that voice-activated assistants are a new frontier for interacting with computers.

But the company is probably more interested on giving PCs users more choice, in an attempt to shut Apple's Mac devices and Siri assistant out of the market.

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It would be trivial to say that Microsoft should work with more manufacturers of smart speakers and cars to integrate Cortana in their systems because one would expect the firm is already doing that. Microsoft could also stand to do more with the Cortana Skills platform, which now sports 250-300 skills, when Alexa has 250, 000 at its disposal.

Amazon has started to integrate its Alexa assistant to desktops by an app designed for Windows.

Acer's new V6820M and V6820i 4K UHD projectors will be among the first of its kind to support Amazon Alexa.

"Consumers using Alexa on PC will be susceptible to Amazon sales creep". In service to this, Microsoft could also improve support for Bing globally, to make it more than a running joke and more of a global product.

In addition to coming to its first personal computer, on Friday Amazon released the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit to bring the AI assistant to more wearables, headphones, and smartwatches.

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