Published: Sat, January 06, 2018
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"Atlanta" Season 2: How "Tiny Toon Adventures" Influenced "Robbin Season"

The cable network announced premiere dates for several of its shows, including Season 2 of the Emmy-nominated comedy "Atlanta" and the final season of Emmy-nominated "The Americans".

The Atlanta team insisted that they didn't rely on what worked successfully in season one in planning out the upcoming episodes, which they're calling Atlanta Robbin' Season.

"Everybody does season 2!' And in the writers room, we talked a lot about How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Tiny Toons - which was a show we all really liked - and that was kind of the inspiration for season 2", said Donald, who added it was the writers" "favorite as kids".

Glover's younger brother and fellow writer and executive producer Stephen Glover was a little more forthcoming about Season 2 specifics, particularly why it's called "Robbin Season". "Basically, a bunch of crime happens in the city, because everyone has their Christmas gifts, people just have more stuff and money".

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In Atlanta, Glover plays a college dropout-turned-manager to his cousin, played by Brian Tyree Henry, who is a burgeoning rapper. When we were there shooting the season, my neighbor got her vehicle stolen. It's just kind of tense and desperate times. "We didn't look back at season 1 for inspiration as much because I feel like if you do that as any sort of producer, you tend to be risk-averse, which I really think is bad for art", Donald said. "Glover explained that when he was given the opportunity to make a show for FX, "we had 30 minutes to do whatever we want"; it wasn't about upsetting sitcom formulas or tropes". "So we kind of made that the backdrop to the season and our characters are kind of going through that same desperate kind of transition".

Atlanta Robbin' Season will premiere Thursday, March 1 at 10/9c on FX. If Donald Glover has anything to say about it: Tiny Toon Adventures.

"If you watched them all together, they were a movie", he said.

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