Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Cory Rios

CES unplugged: electronics show hit by power outage

More information on what CES 2018 has in store for the fans are expected to be revealed in the last few hours of the convention.

The Consumer Electronics Show was shut down briefly due to a blackout. Power was restored and the lights were back on at 2:10PM, CES said.

In a statement, CES organiser, the Consumer Technology Association, blamed the outage on recent heavy rainfall which caused condensation on the venue's roof to short circuit one of the facility's transformers.

Thousands of people attending the world's biggest consumer technology show got a chance to test the battery life of the latest gadgets Wednesday when some showrooms and hallways went dark inside the vast Las Vegas Convention Center.

Public service announcements played over an intercom thanking attendees for their patience while the work to resolve the issue continued.

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Organizers said power was restored to the convention center's South Hall within minutes while other areas took much longer.

A storm system that dumped more than half as much rain as the Las Vegas Valley saw all of previous year also brought with it the wettest January day on record.

The power failure followed heavy rain on Tuesday, which had forced Google to shut one of its booths located in the LVCC's vehicle park.

Heavy rainfall caused the rare power interruption, as Las Vegas experienced an unusually heavy downpour that also caused flooding in some of the booths at the CES, including Google's.

And the more socially conscious pointed out the hypocrisy of being bent out of shape over a brief blackout at CES when an entire territory of the United States has been without power for months...


Intel posted a photo of a darkened hall of the show, with the caption, "Introducing Blackout™: The biggest thing to hit #CES2018 since #5G".

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