Published: Tue, January 09, 2018
World | By Melba Underwood

Democrat Steyer Says He'll Spend $30 Million on US House Midterms

Democrat Steyer Says He'll Spend $30 Million on US House Midterms

Steyer's told reporters on Monday his focus in 2018 will be to use his NextGen America political organization to increase turnout among millennial voters in just ten out of fifty states, Politico reported.

Tom Steyer, the billionaire Democratic megadonor, says he is not running for office in 2018 but will spend $30 million on an effort to win control of the House.

Steyer, who retired from his hedge fund Farallon Capital in 2012, has pushed millions of dollars to Democratic candidates and causes in recent years. Forbes estimates his wealth at $1.6 billion. "A youth voting bloc that will be the X factor in a wave to remaking our understanding of what it is to be an American", Mr. Steyer said. In response the president referred to Steyer as "wacky" and "unhinged".

Steyer was the biggest individual political donor in the 2016 election, and his decision removes some uncertainty for California's races for governor and U.S. Senate. Democrats are hoping to ride wins past year in Alabama and Virginia to victory in those elections, potentially taking control of Congress from Republicans. He said Republicans won't cross a president who controls their base regardless of what he says or does.

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"This tide will wash away the stain of the Trump administration, and it will not recede until America lives up to its founding creed, until we guarantee equal treatment, dignity and respect to every American", Steyer said. "That's not where I can make the biggest difference", he said at a news conference in Washington.

He said more than 4 million people have signed the online petition. He's spent more than $20 million in that effort.

Michael Ahrens, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, said, "Tom Steyer can light as much of his money on fire as he wants, but that doesn't change that Democrats like Nancy Pelosi view him as a distraction". We're going to register voters, then encourage them to participate.

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