Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
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"Dr Blake Mysteries" Production On Hold

Angela Scundi, who was an understudy to the role of Colombia in the production, told the ABC that GFO had been informed of the allegations.

McLachlan has strenuously denied all the claims made against him and told the ABC he considered them "to the best of his knowledge, utterly and entirely false".

Speaking to Fairfax, Victoria Police have confirmed they are investigating allegations of "indecent assault and inappropriate behaviour involving McLachlan".

"In response, we have spoken to Craig and have mutually agreed that it is not appropriate for him to continue in the current production of the show", the producers said in a statement provided to The Associated Press on Tuesday.

The show's producers, the Gordon Frost Organisation, said they were taking the allegations against the former Gold Logie victor very seriously.

"Frankly, they seem to be simple inventions, perhaps made for financial reasons, perhaps to gain notoriety", McLachlan said. "We will be conducting a full internal investigation and will cooperate fully with authorities".

Christie Whelan Browne said she spoke to the managing director of the production company, John Frost, after alleging McLachlan indecently assaulted her on stage during a 2014 production.

Cast The 2014 cast of the Rocky Horror Show musical with Craig Mc Lachlan
Cast The 2014 cast of the Rocky Horror Show musical with Craig Mc Lachlan

'There were two people in management that I spoke to directly and I can't imagine that they could look me in the face and say that those conversations never happened, ' she said.

Whelan-Browne, who played Janet in the production, claims McLachlan inappropriately touched her on stage during a sexually charged scene on a bed.

"These allegations are ALL made up". I risked my career.

McLachlan also reportedly asked her to come to his dressing room on one occasion, shut the door and took off his boxer shorts.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries is produced by South Melbourne production house December Media.

"In the light of these allegations, December Media will temporarily hold production preparations for the new series to allow due process", the producers said in a statement. "So he would keep kissing as if he was going to keep going and I would have to swat him away".

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