Published: Tue, January 02, 2018
Health Care | By Alberto Manning

Fears rise over 'Aussie Flu' outbreak after deaths recorded in Ireland

Fears rise over 'Aussie Flu' outbreak after deaths recorded in Ireland

Older people, children, and people with underlying health conditions are at particular risk and it's feared that the number of cases here could rise dramatically over the coming weeks.

The Aussie flu affected 250,000 Australians last winter, with hundreds dying as a result of contracting the virus.

Daily Star Online recently revealed shocking figures that show 1,111 people have been struck down by the flu in the last week - a startling 156% spike.

'The circulating flu strains match those in the current flu vaccine, so the vaccine remains the best defence against the virus'.

Dr Kevin Kelleher, from the Health Protection department, said: "There have been a few deaths already, under 10 people have died so far this year".

The virus has killed around 10 people this year, with a further 73 hospitalised, according to the HSE's influenza report.

"These indicators tell us that flu is actively starting to circulate in the community, yet it's not too late for people at risk to get the vaccine from their GP or Pharmacist".

"The HSE is continuing to encourage people to get the flu vaccine - especially those in high risk groups".

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Well that was a wild New Year's Eve.

While the symptoms of "Aussie Flu" are similar to the regular flu, they are usually more intense, and while the regular flu should run through your system within a week, if your symptoms persist for more than seven days, check with your doctor to ensure you haven't contracted the new virus.

Australia - whose winter occurs during the Irish summer - had one of its worst outbreaks on record, with two-and-a-half times the normal number of cases.

Despite the scary news, 29-year-old brawler Conor - who turned to boxing in 2017 to take on Floyd Mayweather in a Las Vegas bout - had some positive words in his Instagram post. I'll leave that with the rest of the bad behind me in 2017 and take with me the many great experiences I've had this year!

Experts have warned that an outbreak of Aussie Flu could be the worst type of virus to attack in over 50 years.

Family first: He added: 'Big New Year's Eve party cancelled at the last minute and I am left shaking in bed the past two days.

But last week 522 cases of influenza A and 546 of influenza B were recorded across England and Wales.

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