Published: Sun, January 28, 2018
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Finn Balor trolls Vince McMahon's XFL announcement with his own 'big announcement'

Finn Balor trolls Vince McMahon's XFL announcement with his own 'big announcement'

According to McMahon, the XFL will be a professional football league.

But I'm not buying what McMahon is selling. What I mean by that is you want someone who does not have any criminality whatsoever associated with them.

McMahon, 72, announced his plans on a webcast Thursday. If Los Angeles isn't keen on the National Football League in its traditional garb, could an XFL team based in L.A. really draw people away from the Lakers in the spring? Rather, he wants the focus to be strictly on football.

Trump won the contest, meaning he got to shave McMahon's head - but their relationship goes beyond the scripted confines of the wrestling ring.

In addition to social issues, McMahon also wants to prevent players with criminal records (including DUIs) from joining the league.

Additionally, players who have any criminal record will not be accepted to play in the league.

He says unlike last time, there will be no crossover with the WWE brand and the focus will be on giving fans an entertaining brand of football.

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McMahon, the impresario of World Wrestling Entertainment, hasn't yet revealed which cities the ten XFL teams will play in. "We have two years now to really get it right".

"It's extremely important that we have time to get together and get them practicing so we can have a quality product", McMahon said. Again, the National Football League is already awesome, but that doesn't mean it can't get better.

Next Monday morning, fans of American football will be calling in sick across Hong Kong and finding a bar open early enough to watch the NFL's showpiece event, the Super Bowl.

WWE commentators handled the play-by-play, cameras would visit the cheerleaders' locker room during halftime, and games started with a "scramble" instead of a coin toss.

"To me that's common sense", McMahon said. McMahon said all cities would be considered, by the capital city needs to avoid this at all cost. Heck, if it had been planned out more, the XFL could have continued the first time around.

For WWE's former Women's Champion Stephanie McMahon, she would've liked to have had more faith in herself.

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